Mission Statement:

Mission Statement: We realize in the modern era we are tied to our desks and the inside. This over use of screen time whether at home or work is making us fat and depressed. Our goal is to get us and maybe you outside. Let experience the real outdoors!  For us that usually means the mountains, whether it be skiing, paragliding, or hiking but that won’t stop us from hunting down some rivers or getting a soak in a hot spring.

We also believe you don’t have to be good at something to enjoy it.  Try a taste and make a goal to try some more in the future and always push your boundaries.  Pushing your boundaries is what we humans were meant to do.  That does mean don’t be cautious.  Caution helps extend those that want to continue to press boundaries.  There is no one I admire more than the 99-year-old skier or the 75-year-old paraglider who is still out enjoying the world.

Our goal here is to tell a good story and be a good guide.  We hope you come back to hear our stories and then give some of your own.   We want to give advice and we want to take some too.