About us

Kit was born in Bishop California had his first travel experiences in the Army at Age 19.   He enjoyed those experiences so much he came back to Europe at age 23 to continue traveling.  At age 31 he went abroad doing DOD contracting that lead him to live in places such as Iraq, Kuwait, Honduras, Germany Colombia, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. He has continues his work as an IT Engineer here in the greater Salt Lake Area.  As you can the travel bug has not left him as he continues trips here.

You have already read quite a bit about us so we don’t want to get repetitive. We are a small family trying to gain as much adventure as possible while ensuring our toddler has a good time also.

Not all fun can be family fun so we’re also here to talk about activities like paragliding and motorcycle touring. We are concerned with balance and we know if men don’t get out to adventure alone they become dull.

Our Current Cause: Living next to the Wasatch Front we want to see it taken care of. Most of it is well-taken care for the obvious reason beneficial of tourism. There are others not so well taken care of such as Skyline Drive. Some people have started a clean-up group but cleaning up means nothing if laws are not enforced afterward. Trust us we prefer people followed the Leave No Trace ethos on their own.

It’s not just Skyline Drive. I have been on beautiful islands in the Philippines that were also in a state of discare or the gorgeous beaches of Honduras. I use to scold … scolding doesn’t work. Instead, motivate, motivate those around you to care for our natural resources.