Cheap Action Cameras to Avoid

Let’s face it in this day and age everybody wants to catch their adventure on film. You want to share your perfect day on the slopes the river or in the air. There are a ton of Action Cameras to pick from these days and most of the GoPro knockoffs are crap. What is the best Action Camera for you?

Years ago I bought a GoPro Hero2 (2012). From the very beginning, it kept losing charge. By the time I got around to figuring out it was the camera and not the battery it was past its warranty. I once did a flight off Peavine Peak in Nevada and I got not one minute of this great flight. Lots of people still swear by GoPro’s cameras but due to the issues I had with a 400 USD camera I am not likely to give them a second chance.

This summer I bought a cheap 49.00 USD camera called the ION Air Pro-Lite with WiFi. I liked it’s one button start. It came with an Android App. Not sure if the Android App worked poorly because of my horrible Moto G4 or it was a horrible App. Either way, I could not get it to work. It was not the standard action camera square shape more like a tube. It appeared to be sturdy. My test run I took some great video at Bridal Veil Falls, but the video was pixelated when played on my desktop.

This weekend my brother brought his SunPak 4k action which retails for 70 to 80 USD. With 4k capabilities and the fact that it could be controlled by Wifi I thought it was going to great. It had a display and a good looking one at that. Below is some of the crappy video that this thing takes. See the video fuzziness (pixelated again), this is a no go and you should not buy this camera.

Our next Action Camera will probably be Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 HD. It appears to be the standard action camera cube shape and a few features behind the latest GoPro. I have never had a reliability issue Garmin products so I would rather sacrifice a feature or two for real durability. We have seen the new Garmin 360 camera but with a purchase price of 799 USD we find it a bit high priced and probably to many features plus we don’t really get the concept of taking 360 movies.

Garmin if you want to send us a free one we won’t say no! Hey all tell us more about your trials with action cameras and when you found to be your favorite.

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