Shoshone Falls

Trip Prep Time: We did not prep. We woke up that morning ate breakfast and said let’s go to Shoshone Falls. We love trips like that. Planning is for the birds. We threw our crap in a bag and got on the road.

Best Route Out: We took I-15 to I-84 North. It’s pretty much a straight shot. You will see some signs pointing you to the falls off of the interstate. It took us a little less than 3 hours total from the Greater Salt Lake Area.

Cost: To enter the park was only 3 USD per car. If you hit this place mid-day there is a bit of a bunch up near the entrance with minor traffic.  It appeared to be gone by afternoon. There is a small “lake” park called Diekes Lake Park. Some people appeared to be fishing or SUP boarding there. There was a small beach at the park and we would probably have hungout there if it was Summer time.

Lodging Tips/Where to stay: We stayed at the Red Lion in Jerome, ID. We thought we booked the one in Twin Falls. If you do stay at one of them the Twin Falls one looked better, having said that Red Lion does not seem like a quality brand. We used our Orbitz credit card points. These points keep our short trips cheap with free hotel nights.

Activities Planned: This one is, of course, is a no-brainer we were headed to Shoshone Falls. This is the premier item to see while in Twin Falls. This is the Niagra of the West no doubt about it. Look below and you will see a waterfall so grand it has it’s own rainbow. From what we read it’s best viewed in spring time and this year as you can see from the videos it has plenty of power. This location is where Evil Knievel attempted a failed jump in Sep 8, 1974 across the Snake Canyon.

Shoshone Falls
Shoshone Falls

Activities Accomplished: We did go to the Perrine Bridge. The best thing to watch here was the base jumpers.  This bridge appeared to be the place for it. We walked down to a view point to see 2 golf courses and a small park near the river. We later drove to the other side that let us drive down into the Snake Canyon near Centennial Waterfront Park. There were people mountain biking there and the drive was great to see a bunch of waterfalls coming off the canyon. I want to come back and drive the entire Snake River Canyon Scenic Byway in the future.  We also drove into the hills out towards Kimberly to find a paragliding take off for me.  Way to much wind out there so it got skipped …sadly as it looked like an epic site according to the YouTube videos.

What you should do that we didn’t (Hardcore):
This is one location, Perrine Bridge is famous for base jumping from. There is even a school here: Snake River Base If you are going to base jump do it right and get trained. To be honest I don’t know of another school for base jumping.  Do you?

If you have never been on a zip line then you might want to check out this one: Zip The Snake It would be way more awesome if it started at the top of the canyon and ended up at the bottom. Since it did not, we skipped it.

GPS Worthy: No need for a GPS here, Google Maps worked for all the locations we went.

Food: We had lunch at the Twin Falls Sandwich Company . I had the French Dip with Coleslaw. My wife had the Cuban Panini with fries. It was hard to get to due to construction on Main Street of Twin Falls but worth the detour.

Points of Interest along the way: On the way home we did a detour to City of Rocks National Reserve. Lots of cool giants sized boulders but best saved for if you plan to rock climb. My toddler enjoyed climbing on and hiding behind the rocks.

Things to miss: We stopped by Durfee hot springs ( around City of Rocks National Monument. The pools were empty so maybe this place is no longer open.

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