Lazy Bear Lake Day Trip

Trip Prep Time: I wish we did prep. We woke up that morning ate breakfast and took way to long to get out of the house. No really why did I throw anything in the car the night before? I hereby promise to be a better planner starting today.

Best Route Out: We took I-15 to Highway 91 linking up to Highway 89 going to Logan all the way to Bear Lake. The ride through the Cache National Forest was awesome as always. The river there was flowing super fast this year.

Cost: The daily rate for Bear Lake State Park (Idaho) is 5.00 USD. It appears cheaper than most of Utah’s state parks. Are all Idaho’s state parks this cheap for the daily rate?

Lodging Tips/Where to stay: We plan to stay at the following in the future. The KOA campground looked nice. Beaver Mountian we also heard has nice facilities. Normally we would say stay at a National Forest or State Park campsite but this requires planning ahead this time of year as this is Bear Lakes high season (Mid June to Mid August) and everything is booked out. There is also a hot springs campsite on the North East side of the Lake called Bear Lake Hot Springs.

Activities Planned: Bear Lake is huge with the dimensions of 18.3 by 7.1 miles and 109 square miles in total. It is Utah’s most beautiful lake, which after Salt Lake and Utah Lake is not really hard to beat, is it? The water was high all around the lake this time due to all the snow this year. This means there was a little beach on the North Side of the Lake compared to last year. The North Side was also packed with people even on a Sunday.

Our advice to you is when you hit Garden City take a right not a left and circle the opposite way around the lake. The best spot people don’t seem to go to is the East Beach at the Idaho Bear Lake State Park. This area had trees, picnic tables BBQ’s, bathrooms close and grass to lay on. This was a great day use area. It more trees than anywhere else on the east side.

Bear Lake

East Bear Lake Beach
Bear Lake Beach

Activities Accomplished:  We blew one of the new the tubes and chilled. BTW those Bestway tubes from Costco do not seem as good as the Intex ones. I rode over 198 miles on my motorcycle yesterday there was no way I was doing a thing today. Derek got brave and walked out in the water to his neck.  I was surprised he was able to handle the cold water.

We did not drive straight home at the end of the day.  I drove to Randolph to check out a paragliding site called Crawfords.  It was being actively used by hang gliders when we got there. Lots of birds were gliding it along with one hang glider. The wind was that perfect speed (no gusting) and the thermals that were there looked smooth.

What we want to do next time we are there: There are a lot of activities at Bear Lake but we are not motorsports people so renting a jet ski or boat is usually not on our list. We might in the future though. The few times we have been here this is been a low wind location so not many sailboats or wind surfing. Lots of SUP boarding going one but I do not want to SUP board a river not still water. I would like to check the Bear River Refuge.  We would also like to check this cave called Minnetonka Cave, in beautiful St. Charles Canyon.

GPS Worthy: From Bear Lake to Randolph there is not signal From Woodruff practically to Huntsville there is not signal.

Food: We brought packed wraps. They were semi-unsatisfying. Next time we will just BBQ at the beach. Sure you have all heard about the FAMOUS raspberry shakes of Bear Lake. We already had our ice cream fill this weekend so we skipped out.  Don’t wait in the lines of all the Shake locations in Garden City. Since you are headed to the east side stop by Merlins. Same great shake, a whole lot less line.

Points of Interest along the way: After Randolph, we drove to Woodruff then took Highway 39 all the way to Huntsville. This was a surprise treat as the views were awesome. We hit a high elevation of 8900 feet along the way. We have never seen so much green in Utah, especially in the summer time. Check out my 2 panoramics of the Cache National Forest below.

Cache National Forest

Cache National Forest at 8850 feet
Cache National Forest 2

Things to miss: The North Side of Bear Lake this year. It was packed and there was little beach.

Join me: That’s right I heard the diving is good at Bear Lake. I have no one to dive it with me. I also am dying to fly this Crawfords. Come fly this site with me!!

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